I am going away and these little birds won't be able to get the care they need. I really want them to go to a home that will appreciate them.
Their names are Pluto and Neptune, they are brother and sister, and all that I have left from when I had quite a few parakeets. I'm thinking they are about 6 years old.
They are NOT tame, but sing and play in their cage. Very cute.
Pluto is sky blue with a yellow face a few pale yellow patches.
Neptune is deep violet blue with a yellow face.
They eat PELLETS! This is a HUGE advantage-- meaning they will likely live longer, and they make MUCH less of a mess. They will pretty easily convert to any type of pellet, and I have fed them brands like Roudybush and Harrisons, but also Zupreme Fruit Blend. The Zupreme can be found at any area pet store or farm and feed co-op.
Please contact me to talk! I have raised these guys from the egg and I really want to make sure they go to someone who is going to appreciate them. I want to meet in the Marysville or Everett area. Again, please contact me to discuss. You can text me, or email me through Kijji.